Pres-Seal Sealant: Press In Place And Seal It In

What Is Pres-Seal?

Pres-Seal is a versatile high heat extruded sealer.  Designed to be fast and economical, Pres-Seal comes on release paper, or paper tape. Just press it to your surface and remove the tape.  You can also think of Pres-Seal as rope caulk, or permagum.

Where Do I Use It?

Ideal for metal surfaces like boiler doors, access openings, cyclone doors, and sheet metal. Seals in or keeps out water, water vapor, air, heat, dust, or dirt wherever you need it. Pres-Seal has been the go to choice for boiler casing sealer in the maritime industry for over 50 years. Pres-Seal is also used in industrial settings such as energy production, or power plants.

How Do I Apply It?

Simply apply by hand or putty knife to clean, steel surfaces.  If the application surface is distorted, or warped, simply layer multiple beads.  Pres-Seal is safe to apply by hand and is non-toxic.  It won’t harden over time and it is extremely pliable.  Pres-Seal is also easy to cut; just measure and cut to length for your project needs and coil the remainder for future use.

Non-Corrosive & Non-Oxidizing



Heat Resistant Up To 500 Degrees Fahrenheit

Comes In 1/2″ and 1/4″ Sizes

Pres-Seal is available in 30 foot rolls for the 1/2″ wide option, and 75 foot rolls for the 1/4″ wide option.

Excellent Resistance to Water And Water Vapor